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Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, is an artist, printmaker and digital creator based in Margate. Through the medium of printmaking, Charlie embarks on a visual journey, carving out his unique voice and embracing his individuality. Inspired by his rich heritage and the tapestry of global cultures, Charlie delves into thought-provoking themes, infusing his artwork with personal narratives that reflect his place in our interconnected contemporary world.

With an impressive exhibition history across the United Kingdom, including captivating solo shows in Leicester and London. Most recently he exhibited at Turner Contemporary in the exhibition ‘Banned.’ The exhibition explored place, belonging, and identity and through portraiture and print shed light on the untold local history of American airmen based in Ramsgate in the 1950’s.

His bold and graphic post-pop creations have become synonymous with Margate's artistic revival, captivating audiences for nearly a decade. Charlie's artistic expression encompasses a diverse range of styles and techniques, whether it’s his confident mark making, his intricate illustrations that tell profound stories, and his afro-futuristic digital assemblages that add contextual depth. Beyond his artistic practice, Charlie engages with a wide audience through social media, generously sharing his creative process and fostering meaningful connections. Operating his own online gallery, he ensures accessibility to his work, offering affordable prints that bring joy to art enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, where raw expression, cultural exploration, and thought-provoking narratives collide.