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An archive of 1/1 artworks, see the world through my eyes.  I make my work about my identity and as a way of visually deciphering my surroundings. My practice of making fine art screen prints begins with a digital file, this then goes through my elaborate printmaking process and comes out as a handprinted artwork. For my genesis NFT collection I've brought together a showcase of these previously unpublished digital artworks. There are intricate psychedelic afrofutrusitic collages alongside bold joyful illustrations inspired by my travels. I have also included some of my early post-pop art digital compositions that pull together found images from everyday life. I've been working as a professional artist, printmaker, and gallery owner for the last 8 years. I'm excited to share my art on the blockchain and I have so much more to show you!

Every NFT in this collection unlocks a studio visit, free screenprint, and a discount code for my gallery!

'EMERGENCY?' 2021.